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1. introduction


VelocityWeb is a framework to make developing progress faster for J2EE web application. It aims at least configuration, least code for most common cases. VelocityWeb make things simple, easy to learn, easy for unit test.

VelocityWeb DO NOT use any AOP, only use OOD. VelocityWeb DO NOT use Struts, JSP, nor Spring.

VelocityWeb use HTML as view layer and JDBC as database access layer. In controller layer, VelocityWeb use Apache Velocity to show data in HTML format, use Apache DBUtil to get/update data in database. The database access layer can switch to Hibernate or other O/R mapping tools. For getting user input data, use J2EE standard HttpServletRequest.

For database access layer, you can use ANSI SQL without using Connection/Result in java.sql package. all JDBC resources release are handled by VelocityWeb.

Using VelocityWeb, you can write unit test cases and run them to show dynamic HTML pages without starting J2EE server.

VelocityWeb has a simple O/R mapping for RDBMS. It use Middlegen to generate database model class and DAO class including methods such as getAll(),getByKey(),insert(),update(),deleteByKey(). Anyway, you still need to write your own DAO code.