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2.1 Why not JSP


As many of us already known, JSP is now widely used in many projects. And also, many programers had wrote all java codes in JSP. That will make JSP pages hard to be edited with web pages editor such as Dreamweaver.

There are also many people work hard to create more and more JSP taglib, just becase they believe that, JSP taglib will move more Java code into taglib Java source code, and make JSP pages more clean. But, actually, it's not a good idea. Most JSP taglib need to output HTML tags, that means they are writing HTML using taglib. It's also hard to typeset the web pages. That's the reason why many J2EE projects pages seems ugly compare with ASP/PHP. Web pages editor can do nothing to HTML tags in taglib code.

for example, one of the Struts tag code like this:

    public class CheckboxTag extends BaseHandlerTag {
      public int doStartTag() throws JspException {
     StringBuffer results = new StringBuffer("<input type=\"checkbox\""); //===>can't be formated by editor
     TagUtils.getInstance().write(pageContext, results.toString());


JSP can't run without J2EE server. It's not a good news, because you can't run unit test for JSP pages.